Three Important Facts to Know about Dental Implants

Enjoying the benefits of a full, beautiful, white smile is no longer a privilege reserved strictly for the rich and famous. Thanks to advanced dental techniques like dental implants, you can overcome the poor oral care, injury, or disease that caused your tooth loss and finally show off your own set of attractive teeth.

Dental Implants Protect Healthy Bone

Dental implants are becoming increasingly popular because they can permanently replace natural teeth and restore a full smile. However, many people don’t realize that implants also play a vital role in protecting and sustaining the health of the jawbone. Teeth and their roots serve as supports for the jawbone, so when teeth fall out or are extracted, the jawbone gradually becomes weaker and deteriorates. By obtaining implants, you can restore strength to your jawbone and even stimulate bone growth to minimize the potential of future bone loss. Continue reading “Three Important Facts to Know about Dental Implants”