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Getting your tooth extracted might not be your favorite way to spend a morning, but it’s an important component of your oral care if you are suffering from the pain and discomfort of a loose, broken, impacted, or severely decayed tooth. The good news is that dental extraction procedures have become so routine, your oral surgeon can complete them quickly, efficiently, and painlessly! By properly preparing for your appointment and post-extraction home care, you can ensure that your extraction experience isn’t difficult or unpleasant.

Get Ready For Your Appointment

Once your dentist determines that you need to have a tooth pulled, he will provide guidelines for preparing for your appointment. You will need to inform your oral surgeon of any medications you are currently taking, any systemic disorders you may have, and any artificial joints or heart valves in your body. This knowledge helps your dentist ensure that your extraction will not cause unexpected side effects.

You will also discuss your form of anesthetic with your doctor. If you are undergoing a simple extraction of a tooth that is visible in the mouth, you only need local anesthesia that will not impede your regular motor skills or awareness. However, if you need a surgical tooth extraction to remove an impacted tooth, you will need heavier anesthesia. This means you will also need to arrange for a family member or friend to drive you home after your extraction.

Home Care After Your Extraction

Caring for your mouth after your extraction is relatively simple. You may experience mild discomfort once your anesthesia wears off, so take your prescribed pain medications as directed. You can also expect to endure a bit of bleeding from the extraction site, which is completely normal. Use ice packs to relieve pain and swelling, and bite on gauze to control bleeding. It’s very important that you avoid drinking from a straw or spitting, as both of those actions have the potential to dislodge blood clots and cause a very painful dry socket.

If you have questions or concerns about the preparation for and recovery from your dental extraction, just call Broward Oral Surgery at (954) 870-4826. With locations in Hollywood and Pembroke Pines, Florida, Broward Oral Surgery provides residents of Broward County with compassionate and excellent oral care services.